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Saturday, January 07, 2006

This is my first post without comics

Well, just wanted to say hi. You are going to see some next generation comics here, I promise! This comics will rock the world and over. This comics was born when I was very very hungry and I was delusioning.

Anyway, about the comics. I thought long ago about creating one but I don't have that cool board with what you can draw the comics directly to your computer.(WACOM) So I thought that the quality would be crap if I would use mouse to draw. So I dumped the idea. So now, I thought "screw it," I will use touchpad if I want to, my main goal is to develop a story, not to draw with quality. If people can recognize simple shapes like circle, and square then everything is ok.

As i'm really lazy one and i like to draw long comics i will let you in to a development process. Like, i will past work in progress, but when it is finished i will glue this stuff together.


PS Give a dog a tasty name and eat him.


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